The Biggest Luxury Car Market in China

Currently, call the Shanghai Automotive, which again loudly and clearly show: Yes, I want particullary Museum luxury car, new cars magical, bright eyes, take a look too hard to sneak instead.

Current auto giant has a strong team of exhibitors to eyeball, gold, silver harvest manage millions of cars sold several vehicles.

The most visible is our place, our correspondent that the current car, the word speaks Mandarin throughout the year.

The Chinese market in its presentation of the situation to see a car sells, provides several spot.Millions vehiclesNingbo Mr. Yuan Lu, go to the Shanghai Auto Show this afternoon, "want to S600, ideally more than 200 million take hand look at the price and options. 'Auto Show in Shanghai combines the latest car pulls a car people, the purchasing power of the Chinese people for the world-famous drive sucks for the production of language.

At Auto Show, the journalist she launches Hangzhou · Aston Martin franchises, said he ran LiuWeiYong general manager of a super-white as a reporter to say, "the hottest online is around 25 - 77, € 3.888 billion The price of the painting. of cars. "Reporters later learned that the world was to produce 77 vehicles in China for a five-car rates all scheduled.So to hear the story not unknown.

Auto Show in Beijing last year (once in microfluidics BuJiaDi Po), bringing a price of 38 million RMB in Wisconsin Media Day aerospace JiNianBan 100 years has been to buy the first day of the mysterious man has sensation. Bring this year's Shanghai Auto Show BuJiaDi China Aerospace BuJiaDi Willy start car, according to personnel SuperSport 1.64 showed that the car in front of the car show has sold three cars.

Other organizers were, Maybach 62S from Asia, even from the day with 1070 yuan is more mysterious car buyers orders.Millions scale present order numberless.

Ferrari four-door sports began Raider 530.8 million yuan, the price of the book to someone already FF, Lauren and begin S70 world has yet to discover models for "was" in the high order; 438 000 000 and Maserati dealer said auto show, they received the first four or five years, for a client-customer, the deposit paid, Porsche says a seller more Nine One-day bus, part of the business of luxury cars sold revealed that the car was ordered agreement completed 6 days in this quarter to achieve.

Chinese Foreign leaders increasingly strong growth slipChina brings purchasing power, and not allow the global auto market titans will be their goal, the development over the years, there are some China.I a "Chinese" IT Gadites sing beautifully, "have all kinds of color, hair color, starts playing the mouth tells how many years we are bound Chinese pronunciation and grammar, hard roll pop over the years they change the language changes in the world to learn Chinese ... more cosmopolitan, the words of Confucius. .. "The scene is described in a song on the lap of the bright car. "Prices Toyota's current location 60 ..." Guangqi Toyota conference interview management, staff seriously Guangqi Toyota executive vice president of the company Matsui show translation "No, I mean 80 years."

Cold might as well show that Chinese companies use Matsui to correct small "mistakes", the site has provoked laughter one.Don t think 'that someone else is the color of the skin can not understand your words, that China has become a First global automotive superpower, multinational executives casually go all become "old hand in China."

This is particularly evident in the luxury car BMW domain.In "electric light in China" conference, has published the brightness of the BMW marketing vice president, Dr. DaiLei without awareness session with the Chinese more than 10 minutes, the speech, not on utter a single location; new Mercedes minivan that is Jarno Conference, Fujian Daimler CEO Larry better use of English into Chinese, introducing new types of inclusions, said, very hard.

Although intonation and to prohibit a person very understanding ball, but listen closely, he sing amazingly still the poetry of Du Fu "is perceived, the mountains of intimidation see extremely low!" With the car market in China, global cyberwar car maker does not understand how the Chinese consumers snub speed sinisation Chinese Chinese automotive market in force in determining the key.

Business of luxury cars on the market value in China in order to check this list may also LveJianYiBan frames. This year with the American Auto Show in Shanghai Auto Show just "Crash", many executives have chosen to drive in China. The spokesman said, Audi, to New York audi U.S. company sends in Shanghai, and the load is a global audi director responsible.

BMW uses a similar strategy. BMW North America spokesman said the company, the New York Auto Show is in the United States, the importance of the events of BMW, while the Shanghai Auto Show has been the worldwide.China major events in the car are at maximum current Marketin first quarter of the year, BMW and Mercedes currently two car brands in China amounted to 102 497 vehicle sales, which grew last year for the same period 76, it is automatically a sales growth of more than nine times.

In the first quarter of the Mercedes in China, car sales jumped to make 43 991 86th BMW sales in China increased by 71 earlier to 58 506 vehicles. Revenue rose 25 Audi at the same 64 122 vehicles. These three German car brands in China this year could exceed the expected sales.Even in China over tax breaks, grants and funding constraints of funding, several cities looking for the luxury-car still greatly increased.

Bain consultants, analysts said, the wealthy upper middle class to emerging markets, they are generally optimistic about the future and have the ability to buy what car.Market research facilities, expected 2011 Sales IHS Automotive Premium in China to 91 million vehicles in 2015 increase will rise to 160 million vehicles last year and this number was 73 million vehicles.

There is evidence that super-luxury automotive brand in the market is not the first big winner in China.

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