Growing Market for Luxury Cars in India

Car luxury market in India has grown at an accelerated pace over the past two years.Researches and studies have shown that the luxury car market is growing at a steady rate of 25% per year with a series of more and more luxury cars to enter the Indian car market.

Moreover, not only luxury brands that the creation of a reference point for Indian industry, but also the people of the upper class, and as the cash flow projections for the label of exclusive cars.

Statistics show that in 2001-2002 there were approximately 20,000 households in India with an annual income of over Rs 1 crore and they used to spend part of their income on luxury cars.

In 2005, the number of households earning more than Rs 1 crore has increased by about 53,000. In addition, the World Wealth Report 2005-06 grew by 19.3 percent in the number of high net worth individuals in India in 2005.

It is anticipated that should be reached before the end of 2010 almost over 1,40,000 millionaires in the Indian Ocean streets.The key factors that contribute to the growing market for luxury cars for the economy and increase IT boom.
A growing economy has more disposable income that people are more splashes of luxury cars and high-level run. With the growth of the IT industry to gain more youthful packages they like to be able to enjoy a walk in their favorite luxury cars.

Apart from the easy availability of credit and financing mechanisms have also pushed good young and middle-class to luxury cars and expensive.

The Indian government supports the entry of luxury cars in the formulation of policies, such as the loosening of the rules of equity and the reduction of import duty on cars.

This policy has the price tags of premium luxury cars at the end of the growing market for luxury cars brought India.Some of the most famous car manufacturers designing luxury cars for the Indian market, including reduced BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Daimler and Bentley.

These producers have abandoned a number of luxury cars in the price range of Rs 50 lakh Rs 5.5 crore produced. Luxury cars like the Porsche Cayenne SUV, Bentley Arnage R, C-Class Mercedes Benz, Porsche Carrera, Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW 5 Series are the most beautiful cars of the luxury market.

In fact, the entire range of Mercedes-Benz and BMW at the highest level. In a crowded marketplace of luxury, is the essence of Audi car there too with strong impressions.

In addition to all Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Bentley the full range of vehicles from Audi is also innovative. Audi Q7, Audi TT, Audi R8 and the proposal is a benchmark for the luxury segment.

I hope that by the end of next year, Ferrari fans can buy one of its most expensive cars, Ferrari Modena, India.

The market for luxury cars is to further growth and is the world's largest market for luxury cars.

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